Aaron B&W

Aaron B&W

I'm originally from Chicago, IL. I have lived in FLA, SC, MI and now I am in GA. I've been into photography one way or another since about the 7th grade, right after my grandfather gave me his old Argus C3 camera. I quickly took a photography class and then earned money to by a Minolta SRT-201, then in college bought a newer Minolta X-700 body. Several years ago I upgraded to a Nikon D200 which allowed me to merge two of my passions, photography and computers.

For the past 5 years I've mainly been interested in Infrared, Macro, and Landscape (North GA Waterfalls mostly) Photography. Now I'm interested in doing some Glamour/Portrait photography and possibly some Fine Art.

At this moment I'm looking for models to do TFCD (Time For CD) work. I've got some ideas of things I would like to do and am very willing to collaborate with models to allow both of us to diversify our portfolios. If you are interested click here for more details.
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